The Little Black Box

 Current models
V5 Cube                            V8 4K                               Dual Sided RF Keyboard Remote
Cube_1      tlbb v8 pag02     RF Dual side keyboard2

2016 software videos

Revolutionary software development
The unique software created by the TLBB team has always been a huge factor in making the brand stand out of the crowd and with our re-launch comes a new improved development team. The same great team remain but we have invested a lot of time and resources in precuring the services of extra developers with fresh ideas and are very pleased to announce all units will now be powered by TotalRevolution software. The TotalRevolution team have decades of experience in development and come with lots of innovative and exciting plans for the future. Our software developers, which we call “the best of the best” are simply so well experienced and innovative that all of our new TLBB products cannot fail to impress, we truly believe the new hardware combined with the groundbreaking software will become the new benchmark all future media centers will aspire to. Using the customized TLBB media center software at home offers full network capabilities such as PPPoE, VPN, WiFi hotspots, full NAS functionality with Secure Windows file sharing (Samba), LAN file sharing and DLNA functionality in order to implement file access from multiple devices. Our goal is for the end user to be up and running within minutes without the need for any previous experience.
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