Devcon 2017 – Day One

By Prof Yaffle

Welcome to DevCon 2017!

Unlike previous years, where we’ve tried to give a live blog of what’s happening (much harder than it might seem!), this year, we’re aiming to simply summarise the event for you all in a series of posts.

So: DevCon 2017. Thirty-two of the finest team members, assembled together to watch the rain and thunderstorms of a damp Portuguese day. But that’s okay, as we’re locked in a windowless room in the basement anyway.

Keith opened the event with welcomes and introductions – including the 8 new attendees (mostly moderators) for whom this is their first Devcon.

Natethomas followed on to talk through the state of Kodi’s finances – sponsors, donations, expenses – and our current non-profit/Foundation status. This segued into Keith talking about future scope: what can we be accuring for, likely and potential future expenditure. That includes what we could be doing to perhaps share the burden of metadata providers, as Kodi is a significant “hit” for them.

Keith continued by leading a discussion on future DevCon possibilities – scope and format, mainly – and we also discussed how we could perhaps work more closely with other stakeholder teams, such as the guys from VLC and ffmpeg.

We then moved to …read more

Source: XBMC News