Devcon 2017 – Day Three

By Prof Yaffle

So – we’ve got to Day Three already, which means the final day of this DevCon. As the church bells rang in the day on this cloudless Sunday morning, the team was looking jaundiced. You can see the strains showing: long days of intense concentration are taking their toll on people. Perhaps it’s the relentless quest to make your favourite media centre software even better. Maybe it’s the stress of trying to repair Jenkins over dodgy hotel WiFi. Or could it be that it’s just the effects of beer and late nights. I’m no judge, so I’ll leave you to decide for yourself on that one…

Anyway, it is the final day, so here we go.

Keith began the day with some thoughts on where mutimedia software is headed: aggregation, consistency, commonality. We’ve seen commercial companies beginning to consolidate to try to get to “one interface to rule them all”; Kodi clearly isn’t in the acquisition business, but we do have a significant advantage in our common code base, feature set, and look-and-feel across all of the platforms we support.

After a quick trip down memory lane to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come since the first XBMC port to the …read more

Source: XBMC News