Devcon 2017 – Day Two

By Prof Yaffle

Day two dawns on what is a much better day in now-sunny Portugal. The team has emerged, blinking slowly in the unfamiliar daylight – copious amounts of espresso have been drunk to neutralise the effects of all those craft beers – and we’re off once again. This is also probably an opportune time to publicly say thank you to Wetek, who joined us last night and whose generous sponsorship has helped to make this DevCon happen.

Razze opened day two with a presentation of the translation/internationalisation (i18n) process in Kodi, specifically around the workflow required as strings move back and forth to Transifex.

We then moved on to one of our perennial topics: piracy boxes and how we can better distance ourselves from them. What you do with Kodi remains your business, but people will be well aware of the ongoing battle we have to defend our name, and break the popular link between Kodi, sub-standard hardware, and unlawful streaming.

Next up was Paxxi with a presentation around the core Kodi architecture (form and function within the code) and how that could be improved. As examples, there are several areas in which code could be compartmentalised, or where platform abstraction could …read more

Source: XBMC News