Kodi V18: Goodbye Windows Vista

By Martijn Kaijser

Development on Kodi also includes making sure it keeps working on all current and older operating systems. However at some point we also have to say goodbye and end support.
In the past we already had to say goodbye to the first XBOX, Windows XP, Apple TV2, Ubuntu 12.04, anything lower than OSX 10.8 and all versions lower than Android 5 (Lollipop).

For the upcoming Kodi v18 codename “Leia” we again have to bring some bad news as we will be dropping support for Windows Vista. For you as Vista users that could mean two things. Either you upgrade your computer to a newer version of Windows or you continue to use Kodi v17 till the end of days. Yes that’s right. You can continue to use Kodi v17 as long as you want and it will continue to run without problems. The only thing that might happen is that certain add-ons might not get updates anymore and will start to degrade or stop working. The main part of Kodi however will never stop functioning and playing your local video files, music or live tv setup will simply keep working.


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Source: XBMC News